Petroledge is a knowledge system for management of reservoir petrographic information. Advanced software for capturing, codifying, storing, processing and sharing detailed petrographic descriptions of clastic and carbonate reservoir rocks, based on a high level geological ontology. 

Petroledge integrates artificial intelligence and relational database technology for petrographic description and evaluation of reservoirs. Using Petroledge, the petrographic descriptions are organized and distributed simultaneously to different queries.

Version for multiple users in a dynamic corporate environment. One Petroledge Server license provides three Petroledge CALs (three stations can be used simultaneously).


- Geologists and Petroleum Engineers work in a collaborative environment;
- Corporate database;
- Multiple connections and data safety;
- Multidimensional queries with PetroQuery;
- Independence of nomenclature with content management.

Version for a single workstation with local database.


- Easy installation from CD or Internet;
- Centralized storage that allows easy backup;
- Organization and control of petrographic data without the need of a database management;
- Compatible with Stageledge Automatic Point Counter;
- Multi-sample classification tool;
- Online support.

Version with reduced-price only for academic institutions. Commercial use is forbidden.

Free trial. Reporting functionality is limited in this version. Limited to 22 descriptions.


Data Collection
Data Collection Server Workstation Academic Trial
Flexible descriptions (From the simplest to the most detailed)
Siliciclastic (including shales) and Carbonate rock descriptions
Pre-salt ready
Full pre-defined nomenclature for systematic data retrieval and processing
Macroscopic analysis of textural and structural aspects
Microscopic analysis of textural and structural aspects
Visual tables to analysis support
Modal quantification
Qualitative evaluation through visual estimation
Assisted description of constituents, locations, habits, paragenetic relations and modifiers
Storage of petrophysical analysis data
Storage of pore system analysis data
Compatible with Stageledge – automatic microscope stage for point counting (sold separately)  
Compositional map of counted points (requires Stageledge)  
Multiple users support      
Collaborative environment      
Available for educational institutions (reduced price)      
Classification, Interpretation and Query
Image Management
Reports and Data Exchange
Safety and Security
Custom Features