Corporate Profile


To create innovative solutions to deal with strategic information in knowledge-intensive domains.


Integrity, ethic and human growth as inalienable values;

Continuous innovation, proactive development of information system products, anticipating users needs;

Teamwork and individual talent recognition.

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Founded in Brazil in 2001, with the support of the Brazilian innovation program into UFRGS (Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul), Endeeper is a well-known provider of software and services for knowledge management and geological data integration.

A wide range of software is available for the description and interpretation of the petrologic and sedimentologic characteristics of different rock types, providing a sophisticated support for information capture and robust data sharing through databases in corporate environments.

Endeeper is a corporate supplier to Petrobras and member of the National Petroleum Industry Organization in Brazil (ONIP).

The Products & Services portfolio is composed by a range of solutions that combine geology, computer science and knowledge management.

The portfolio includes software for petrography, sedimentology, stratigraphy, software for reservoir characterization, software development, custom projects, and training on geology, computer science and knowledge management.

Endeeper develops systems and services for the acquisition, organization, interpretation and management of information of rocks and other materials, aiming to optimize operations in knowledge-intensive domains.

A group of experienced researchers in Geology, Computer Science and Knowledge Management from UFRGS has created the company and supervised the excellent professional team of doctors and masters responsible for the innovation in the company.

Endeeper is a trademark of Endeeper Soluções em Informações e Métodos LTDA.