Knowledge Management Projects

Knowledge management is essential for the success of each company. Knowledge management projects ensure the effective use of technical information in the decision-making process and reduce risks.

Endeeper develops knowledge management and software development projects for knowledge-intensive domains as geology. All projects are designed according to the specific needs of each customer and include specialized consulting on knowledge management, software development and in-company training.

Our projects for data analysis add value to the technical data of our customers and ensure maximum efficiency in knowledge sharing.

Endeeper's service team is composed by experts in computer science, knowledge management and geology. Our strategic alliances with research institutions allows us to offer unique projects for our customers.

Knowledge Management and Data Capture Projects

Endeeper analyzes the knowledge assets of the business and proposes an integrated knowledge management project, based on actions that consider all the aspects of culture, information management, learning, metrics, governance, and networks for collaboration.

- Measuring and managing the economic value of the organization knowledge;

- Identifying sources and networks of expertise inside an organization, allowing the best information dissemination;

- Synthesizing and sharing knowledge from external sources;

- Capturing and reusing structured knowledge required to enhance performance;

- Capturing and sharing lessons learned from practice;

- Knowledge integration in products and processes.

Information Management

- Custom solutions for data visualization;

- Information access through mobile and web-based applications;

- Technical terminology standardization using ontology-based methodologies;

- Data integration through Energistics standards;

- Integration of legacy data produced from many different systems, providing interfaces for integrated visualization focused on the user needs;

- Customization of Endeeper's products to meet specific requirements.

Software Development

- Software solutions for technical data management;

- Database modeling for scientific software;

- Knowledge-based applications;

- Web applications.