Endeeper congratulates the Intelligent Database Group by the award of the Brazilian Computer Society

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Endeeper congratulates the team of the Intelligent Database Group (BDI) for the Best Article Award - Theme Energy - in the Third Seminar on Grand Challenges in Computer Science in Brazil - SBC / NCE for the article entitled "Semantic Interoperability in the Petroleum Exploration Chain".

The BDI group is part of the Institute of Informatics of UFRGS and led by Prof. Dr. Mara Abel - co-founder of Endeeper, BDI has researched for over 20 years the application of Knowledge Engineering and Ontology Engineering techniques in problems related to the petroleum chain. Among the major contributions of the group BDI stands out Endeeper, spin-off of the group.

 Title: Semantic Interoperability in the Petroleum Exploration Chain

Abstract: "The petroleum chain consists of a sequence of tasks that begins with the study, carried out by geologists and geophysics, of potentially economic areas. This study produces data that are used by engineers for extracting the petroleum from a given reservoir. These tasks involve different professionals, with different conceptual backgrounds. Due to this, each professional perceives and analyses the reality with a point of view that can be completely different from the point of view assumed by the others. Thus, during the whole petroleum chain, a huge amount of data is generated from the same shared reality; but can be structured according to different conceptualizations of the reality. Due to this features, the petroleum chain is a field that offers deep challenges regarding conceptual modeling and data integration with semantic interoperability. We claim that ontologies play an important role in the development of solutions for data integration and interoperability among systems throughout the petroleum chain. Also, we claim that ontological properties - studied in the philosophical discipline of Formal Ontology - can be used for characterizing, in a well-founded way, the concepts that are used throughout the petroleum chain, allowing the semantic interoperability."

Authors: Mara Abel (UFRGS), Luiz Fernando De Ros (UFRGS), Joel Carbonera (UFRGS), Sandro Fiorini (UFRGS) and Alexandre Lorenzatti (UFRGS). 

For further information, please visit www.inf.ufrgs.br/bdi