Petrobras chooses Hardledge System for Igneous Petrography

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Endeeper Rock Knowledge Systems gladly announces that its long term client, Petrobras, is now also using HARDLEDGE as its official software for Igneous Rock Petrographic descriptions.

Both companies have been working together for quite a few years. Petrobras have been using Endeeper's Sedimentary description system since 2007. The PETROLEDGE Corporate version is being used throughout all of Petrobras' units, providing access to more than 1000 users (geologists and engineers). "This is a great accomplishment for us, since we are the only company to have a Corporate version of its own system running in Petrobras' labs", said MSc Eduardo Castro, Endeeper's Business Developer. All of their other Corporate systems have been developed in-company.

Besides, through annual training in the system and in Petrography, Endeeper have helped Petrobras to migrate 20 years of legacy descriptions (thousands of thin sections) into their system. All this priceless data can now be accessed by any user, who can also benefit from important integrated information provided by ROCKVIEWER, which is a photomicrograph Atlas.