World Energy Leader Petrobras Continues Use of Endeeper’s Geological Knowledge Management Package

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New three-year contract will focus on petrography and geochemistry.

RIO DE JANEIRO, Brazil - Endeeper has signed a new contract with Petrobras for the provision of services related to the geological knowledge management package that focuses on areas of petrography and geochemistry. The three-year contract allows Petrobras to request customizations of the Endeeper’s Petroledge, Hardledge and RockViewer systems. Besides customization, 12 trainings in petrography are planned in the contract.

Petrobras has been using Endeeper’s systems since 2007 and currently, all systems have specific versions for the company and evolve according to the demands of the company’s geologists, engineers and information technology team. Users can access the systems from any Petrobras laboratory in Brazil. In addition, service provider companies use Endeeper’s software to deliver petrographic study services that can be loaded directly into the corporate database of Petrobras, without requiring manual data conversion.

Eduardo Castro, business developer of Endeeper, commented: "Our company has the honor of working with Petrobras, one of the world leaders in the energy market. The new contract is an important recognition of the service quality provided by Endeeper in the area of knowledge management."


Petroledge Screenshot