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Endeeper Successfully Completed the Acceleration Process by InovAtiva

It was five months of intense activities, which included specialized training, high-level mentoring and direct connection with entrepreneurs and investors.

Digital Petrography – Fundamental Tool for Understanding Carbonate Reservoirs of Campos Basin

Learn why petrographic characterization is a fundamental tool for understanding Carbonate Reservoirs of the Campos Basin.

Systematic Petrography Supports Petrofacies Definition and Porosity Distribution Understanding in Pre-Salt Reservoirs

Learn how systematic petrography guided by software helps geologists to define reservoir petrofacies and understand porosity distribution in Pre-Salt Reservoirs.

Petrography of the Cenomanian-Turonian transgression in the Potiguar Basin: Petroledge Success Case

A detailed petrographic analysis of Cenomanian-Turonian transgression in the Potiguar Basin was performed using Petroledge system for petrography.