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Systematic Petrography Supports Petrofacies Definition and Porosity Distribution Understanding in Pre-Salt Reservoirs

Learn how systematic petrography guided by software helps geologists to define reservoir petrofacies and understand porosity distribution in Pre-Salt Reservoirs.

Petrography of the Cenomanian-Turonian transgression in the Potiguar Basin: Petroledge Success Case

A detailed petrographic analysis of Cenomanian-Turonian transgression in the Potiguar Basin was performed using Petroledge system for petrography.

Kansas State University has chosen Petroledge for Petrography

Kansas State University (KSU) acquired Petroledge for petrographic knowledge management.

Endeeper Partners with Reighshore - African Market

The strategic agreement allows Endeeper and Reighshore to deliver integrated solutions for geology knowledge management to the oil and gas sector in Nigeria and Sub-Saharan Africa.