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Understanding complex reservoirs through systematic petrographic characterization by Endeeper Solution for Petrography

There is an emerging trend for the integration of systematic petrographic analysis with petrologic, geochemical, wireline log, petrophysical and seismic analysis, in order to tackle the challenges involved in the reduction of the exploration risks and optimization of the development and production of such reservoirs.

Sedimentary Geology Laboratory of UFRJ Acquires Upgrade of Endeeper Solution for Petrography

The Sedimentary Geology Laboratory (LAGESED) of UFRJ acquired the updated versions of Petroledge and RockViewer systems for petrographic knowledge management of carbonate and siliciclastic rocks.

University of the Philippines has chosen Stageledge Automatic Point Counter

University of the Philippines has acquired a license of Endeeper solution for petrography.

HRT Participacoes em Petroleo SA Adopts Endeeper Solution for Petrographic Data Management

HRT has chosen Petroledge and Graphledge software for data management of petrographic analyses.