Software for Igneous Petrography and Metamorphic Petrography.


Harledge is an essential software for the systematic petrographic analysis of igneous and metamorphic rocks.

The exclusive features of Hardledge are designed to make it easier to organize and to share information related to petrography.

The system is provided with a complete technical database, allowing fast and detailed petrographic description and interpretation.

The extensive knowledge base works integrated with analytical tools for providing several automatic classification methods.

The unique multidimensional query tool enables efficient data analysis and report generation in various formats.

These features allow efficient use and sharing of information within research and corporate environments.

Hardledge is available in multiple versions to support different business and research environments.

Version for multiple users in a dynamic corporate environment. One Hardledge Server license provides three Hardledge CALs (three stations can be used simultaneously).


- Geologists and Engineers work in a collaborative environment;
- Corporate database;
- Multiple connections and data safety;
- Multidimensional queries with PetroQuery;
- Independence of nomenclature with content management.

Version for a single workstation with local database.


- Easy installation from CD or Internet;
- Centralized storage that allows easy backup;
- Organization and control of petrographic data without the need of a database management;
- Multi-sample classification tool;
- Online support.

Version with reduced-price only for academic institutions. Commercial use is forbidden.

Free - 30-day trial version.


Data Collection Server Workstation Academic Trial
Flexible descriptions (From the simplest to the most detailed)
Igneous rock descriptions (plutonic, volcanic, volcaniclastic, ultramafic...)
Metamorphic rock descriptions
Full pre-defined nomenclature for systematic data retrieval and processing
Macroscopic analysis of textural and structural aspects
Microscopic analysis of textural and structural aspects
Visual tables to analysis support
Qualitative evaluation through visual estimation
Modal quantification
Assisted description of constituents, locations, habits, paragenetic relations and modifiers
Multiple users support      
Collaborative environment      
Available for educational institutions (reduced price)      
Classification, Interpretation and Query Server Workstation Academic Trial
Igneous rock classification: Streckeisen, Vulcanoclastic and Ultramafic
Automatic calculation of totals
Plots of multiple descriptions in rock classification
PetroQuery included (analytical query tool)
Image Management Server Workstation Academic Trial
Photomicrographs importation and annotation
XRD diffractrograms importation and annotation
SEM images importation and annotation
Additional analysis images importation and annotation
RockViewer integration (sold separetely)      
Reports and Data Exchange Server Workstation Academic Trial
RTF reports generation  
Excel reports generation  
HTML reports generation  
PDF reports generation
XML file exportation for data exchange  
Full description importation (Endeeper XML Data)  
Full translation between English and Brazilian Portuguese
Safety and Security Server Workstation Academic Trial
Full web and email support
Backup and restore files    
Password protected access  
Hierarchical security levels      
Central database for data management and protection      
Server machine required      
Custom Features Server Workstation Academic Trial
Plug-in support  
Maintenance and support agreement (additional service)    
Custom features development (additional service)    
Custom report layouts (additional service)    
Legacy data migration (additional service)    
Custom database structure (additional service)      
Custom security integration (additional service)      
Custom IT requirements integration (additional service)