Software for Organization of Petrographic Photomicrographs.


System for organization of photomicrographs and support for petrographic analysis.


- RockViewer allows to build your own catalog

- Includes a set of 200 annotated photomicrographs of siliciclastic thin-sections

- Tool for systematic cataloging and annotation of petrographic images

- Efficient search for specific features into annotated images

- Navigation among the annotated images with the search terms highlighted

- Available standalone or fully integrated with Endeeper products

- Pack with 600 analyzed photomicrographs can be acquired separately

Search Window - Slideshow of Images

RockViewer - Slideshow Window

Photomicrograph Details - Smectite

RockViewer - Photomicrograph Details - Smectite

Photomicrograph Details - Quartz

RockViewer - Photomicrograph Details - Quartz


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