High Precision Automatic Point Counter.

Stageledge is the most accurate automatic point counter available on the market.

Fully integrated and controlled by Petroledge, Hardledge and Counterledge systems.

Compatible with almost all kinds of microscopes provided by the main brands.

Optimized quantitative petrography is granted by thin section precise movement control.

Advantages of Stageledge

- The only point counter on the market to offer a minimum step size of 0.5 µm (0.0005 mm)
- Unique design allows more than 270 degree rotation during analysis
- Substitution of traditional manual stage movement by an automated control
- Facility, quickness and precision during quantification
- Free movements using the included high-precision joystick
- Compatible with main microscope brands (Leica, Olympus, Nikon and Zeiss)
- Stageledge® Pack - Control Software included (Counterledge and StageCounter)
- Total integration with Petroledge and Hardledge (sold separetely)
- Easy USB installation

StageCounter System

StageCounter is an application designed for quantitative analysis of any kind of material.

- Virtual keypad allows the definition of the step size, the counting axle and the constituent names to be quantified
- Optimization and reduction of time spent on quantification
- Automatic calculation of constituent percentages
- Quantitative analysis can be exported to Microsoft Excel files

Counterledge System

Counterledge is a software for quantifying, storing, processing and sharing detailed descriptions of any kind of compositional thin section analysis. It is used to quantify constituents and features in a thin section.

- Compositional Map is recorded to allow you to go back and finish any quantification previously started
- Definition of the vocabulary for description
- Storage of detailed information and extensive documentation;
- Optimization and reduction of time spent in quantification
- Easy knowledge sharing
- Analysis results can be exported to HTML and Microsoft Excel

The History of Automatic Point Counters

In 1955, James Swift and Son Ltd. has launched the Swift, a single-axis motorized automatic point counter. For decades, this equipment has been successfully used by geologists and engineers. However, James Swift and Son Ltd. has stopped its operation in the 20th century.

Regarding the importance of this equipment for petrography and the evolution in the high precision technology, Endeeper has developed a high precision automatic point counter named Stageledge. This equipment, in opposition of the Swift Point Counter, is a XY motorized point counter.

Stageledge is the most accurate automatic point counter available on the market, it offers an accuracy of 0.5 µm (0.0005 mm). The high precision allows to automatically record a compositional map while the description is performed. The compositional map allows to go back to any quantified point.

Stageledge can be controlled by a range of software for petrographic analysis offering a complete solution for geologists and engineers.


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