Optimize your exploration and reservoir studies without wasting time manually converting and integrating data.


Strataledge - Multi-Well Data Analysis Tutorial

Strataledge - Core Description and Data Integration Tutorial

Faster Exploration and Reservoir Studies.

Smarter Decision Making.

Stratigraphic-Oriented Core Description

Intelligent data capture using comprehensive visual nomenclature (icons, patterns and colors).

Large Technical Vocabulary

Technical data standardized in well-founded domain ontology. Supported Languages: English, Portuguese and Spanish.

Quick Start

Modern user interface enhances the adoption process.

Wherever and Whenever You Need It

Mobile App available for well site or in-field core description.

Reduce uncertainties in the decision-making process with integrated visualization and analysis.

Effective Stratigraphic Interpretation and Well Correlation

Easy correlation and definition of datums throughout multiple wells.

Querying and correlation of well information such as logs, core descriptions and petrography at both well and thin section scales. All data indexed by well and depth.

Multi-Well Data Analysis

Versatile configuration of tracks for multi-well data visualization.

Accurate definition and evaluation of depositional facies and reservoir petrofacies.

Integration with Petrophysics and Petrography

Easy import of logs, images, reports and other media.

Automatic import of petrographic data from Petroledge, Hardledge and RockViewer software.

Interpretation Support

Dynamic scale view allows user to quickly check all descriptive details.

Easy creation of a variety of charts to enhance your analysis and reports.

Efficient Search

Quick identification of intervals where a particular geological feature occurs such as specific grain-size class, sedimentary structures, particular mineral composition, or any such combination of geofeatures.

Exportation of Reports

Summarized or detailed reports, in SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics), CSV and HTML formats, can be further edited in graphic design systems and integrated into technical reports.

Simplify and integrate reservoir data management into your day-to-day operations.

Designed for Data Integration

Usage of standard formats such as LAS, CSV, HTML, SVG and XML make it easier to integrate and share data.

Non-proprietary formats enable processing by other software packages.

Data Science Ready

Data ready for applying machine-learning techniques.

All data structured and organized in XML files and SQL databases.

Cloud Ready

Strataledge can be optionally deployed from the cloud.

Fully compatible with Microsoft® Windows®.

Strataledge - Core Description - Well Analyis