Strataledge Mobile

Mobile Software for Rock Core Description.



Strataledge is the most advanced rock core description system for tablets.


Geologists can easily perform detailed and systematic description of cores and sediments using Strataledge. The unique touch screen interface of Strataledge provides fast access to all features required for the sequential descriptions of conventional cores and sediments.


 Strataledge facilitates the core description process by providing a rich geological nomenclature.


The standardization ensured by Strataledge produces valuable records of lithological units, sedimentary or geotectonic structures and petrological features that can be further consulted and correlated in several different kinds of studies. 


Strataledge allows automatic exportation of the results to a wide variety of data formats, such as LAS, CSV and SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics).


Core descriptions generated by Strataledge can be imported directly to geomodeling tools, graphical editors and corporate databases. The generated data is a valuable asset to calibrate wireline logs / well logs and to understand the depositional environment, reservoir geometry and reservoir quality.


A precise tool to facilitate and improve the way in which geologists usually create descriptive core logs.


- Data quality and analysis reliability improved by structured knowledge base


- Full integration of sedimentologic and petrologic data using a standardized nomenclature


- Large and extensible visual nomenclature for several rock attributes such as lithology, textures, structures, body geometries, contact types and fossils


- Improvement of geological investigation through efficient cross-correlation of described information


- Natural touch-based interaction


- Geologists’ productivity improved by mobile software


- Speeds-up the description process and reduces errors


- Data management through embedded SQL database


- Data exportation to corporate database allows integration into geological models


- Available in English and Brazilian Portuguese


- Compatible with Android-powered tablets - Recommended screen resolution 1280x800pixels

Version for a single tablet.

Version with reduced-price only for academic institutions. Commercial use is forbidden.

Free trial. Reporting functionality is limited in this version. Limited to 5 descriptions.