RESQML paper received award at the 20th PNEC International Conference on Petroleum Data Integration.

ENDEEPER and GEOSIRIS presented the advances in Energistics RESQML standard in 20th International Conference on Petroleum Data Integration, Information and Data Management, Houston, May 2016. We received the conference AWARD: The Conference Star.

Title: Technical and Adoption Benefits Brought by a Public Domain Tool to Explore and Validate RESQML V2 Standard EPC Instances Mathieu Poudret (GEOSIRIS), Beiting Zhu-Colas (GEOSIRIS), Alexandre Lorenzatti (ENDEEPER), Mara Abel (UFRGS).

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RESQML™, according to Energistics, is an industry initiative to provide open, non-proprietary data exchange standards for reservoir characterization, earth and reservoir models.