Endeeper provides solution in Petrographic Knowledge Management for YPF Technology

PORTO ALEGRE, Brazil - Since December/2014, YPF Technology has been using Endeeper’s solution for petrographic knowledge management, which includes the licensing, maintenance and support of Petroledge, Hardledge and RockViewer systems, as well as training to enable its geologists in use of the Endeeper's software.

Endeeper - Training in Petrography

Geologists of YPF Technology can manage petrographic data directly in the Server version of Petroledge, Hardledge and RockViewer systems. The great advantage of this solution is that all data generated at different workstations are stored in the enterprise database of YPF, making the exchange of information easier among researchers, ensuring data security, and accelerating the data processing and the integrated interpretation.

Luiz Henrique Boff, CEO of Endeeper, commented: "We are very pleased to have our products chosen by YPF Technology, an important oil company in Latin America. This achievement is the result of permanent investment of Endeeper in the development of innovative and efficient solutions for the oil and gas sector and its vocation to establish international business.”

Endeeper - Training in Petrography

About YPF Technology

YPF Technology is an Argentina-based company dedicated to the research, development, production and marketing of technologies, knowledge, goods and services associated with the exploration, processing, transportation and marketing of hydrocarbons and their derivatives. YPF is the majority shareholder of YPF Technology.

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