Endeeper Awarded New Patent for Rock Analysis by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office

The USPTO issued patent number US9810810 B2 to Endeeper. This patent, entitled "System and process to describe vertical sequences of rocks using gestures", allows geologists to describe cores and outcrops in digital media through gestures on devices equipped with a touchscreen.

The patented process is integrated in Strataledge software. The process allows inserting data simply and quickly and uses a geological feature vocabulary and a library of standardized icons, an aspect that eliminates the heterogeneity of the data obtained from diverse descriptions and allows analyzing the captured data automatically by computer.

The benefits of Strataledge technology include, but are not limited to: elimination of vocabulary heterogeneity and description formats of cores and outcrops; generation of customized reports; data export to files with standardized formats for data exchange; reduction of the time used in the description; reduction of the time used to generate technical reports.

Endeeper's new patent reinforces its innovative position in the market, and demonstrates Endeeper's ongoing ability to develop cutting-edge technologies and products.