Sedimentary Geology Laboratory of UFRJ Acquires Upgrade of Endeeper Solution for Petrography

The Sedimentary Geology Laboratory (LAGESED) of UFRJ acquired the updated versions of Petroledge and RockViewer systems for petrographic knowledge management of carbonate and siliciclastic rocks.

Researchers of multiple research projects will perform systematic acquisition and data management of sedimentary petrography directly in Petroledge system. The standardization ensured by the system facilitates querying data and accelerates the process of petrologic analysis with the support of Grainledge plug-in for grain size analysis and Graphledge plug-in for graphic evaluation of reservoir quality controls. RockViewer system, acquired with 800 photomicrographs, will serve as teaching tool and will allow the organization of the LAGESED’s atlas of photomicrographs of rock thin-sections.

"The option for Endeeper products by LAGESED is a great recognition of quality because LAGESED is a Brazilian reference laboratory for research in sedimentary geology," said Eduardo Castro, business developer of Endeeper.
Leonardo Borghi, LAGESED coordinator, commented: ""The Petroledge and RockViewer systems bring improvements not only for the routine of research projects of reservoir studies, developed in several Brazilian basins, but mainly for the training and qualification of undergraduate and graduate students.""

"Undoubtedly, these systems are a powerful tool for teaching, the most important mission LAGESED - training and qualifying of geoscientists," said Prof. Leonardo.

About Endeeper
Endeeper is a well-known supplier of software and services for knowledge management and geological data integration. A wide range of software is available for the description and interpretation of the petrologic and sedimentologic characteristics of different rock types, providing a sophisticated support for information capture and robust data sharing through databases in corporate environments.The portfolio includes systems for Petrography, Sedimentology, Stratigraphy, and reservoir characterization, development of customized software and projects, and training.
About Sedimentary Geology Laboratory (LAGESED) - UFRJ
The LAGESED derives from the Group of Studies in Sedimentary Geology of UFRJ (CNPq). The LAGESED missions are support the teaching of Sedimentology, Stratigraphy and Sedimentary Petrology in undergraduate and postgraduate studies in Geology at UFRJ, qualifying or graduating professionals; developing basic and applied research on geological sediments and sedimentary rocks consistent with the knowledge interests of the Brazilian territory; and disseminate geological knowledge to society. The LAGESED vision is to provide the establishment of a core hub of geoscientific knowledge and a wealth of geoscientists recognized by the society, in an environment of high academic spirit; and as values, the search for scientific knowledge, inter-and multidisciplinary; professional creativity and initiative; quality of the work and of the work environment; partnership with confidence; unity in diversity. Among the lines of research applied to Petroleum Geology at UFRJ, the LAGESED involves the biosedimentologic characterization of microbialites and the characterization of carbonate shale (shale gas) and sandstone for geological reservoir studies.
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