United Arab Emirates University has chosen Endeeper Solution for Petrography

The United Arab Emirates University (UAEU) acquired the complete solution for petrographic knowledge management created by Endeeper.

The solution acquired is composed by:

  • Stageledge - Automatic Point Counter
  • Petroledge - Sedimentary Petrography
  • Hardledge - Igneous/Metamorphic Petrography
  • RockViewer - Photomicrograph Atlas
  • RockViewer - 600 Photos Package
  • Graphledge - Graphic evaluation of reservoir quality controls and other important parameters
  • System Training - 24 hours

Researchers of multiple research projects will perform systematic acquisition and data management of petrography directly in Endeeper systems. The standardization ensured by the systems facilitates querying data and accelerates the process of petrologic analysis.