K-Annotations, an Approach for Conceptual Knowledge Implementation using Metadata Annotations

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International Conference on Enterprise Information Systems 2009

Paper presented at the International Conference on Enterprise Information Systems 2009, Milan, Italy.

A number of Knowledge Engineering methodologies have been proposed during the last decades. These methodologies use different languages for knowledge modelling. As most of these languages are based on logic, knowledge models defined using theses languages cannot be easily converted to the Object-Oriented (OO) paradigm. This brings a relevant problem to the development phase of KS projects: several complex knowledge systems are developed using OO languages. So, even if the conceptual model can be modelled using the logical paradigm, it is important to provide a standard knowledge representation with the OO paradigm. This paper introduces the k-annotations, an approach for conceptual knowledge implementation using metadata annotations and the aspect oriented paradigm. The proposed approach allows the development of the conceptual model using the OO paradigm and it establishes a standard path to implement this model. The main goal of the approach is to provide ways to reuse both the knowledge design and related programming code of the model based on a single model representation.

Castro, ESE; Price, RT; Abel, M. 2009