Semantic Interoperability In The Petroleum Chain: The Contribution Of Ontological Analysis

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Rio Oil & Gas 2016


The challenge of exchanging data among the several activities that support the petroleum exploration and production is leading the modelers to investigate better practices in conceptual modelling. Ontology theory provides an adequate framework for making explicit the intended meaning of the geological concepts that support the applications. We describe here how the ontological properties defined in Foundational Ontologies can be applied to produce better conceptual models of geological concepts to support non-ambiguous consultation and data interoperability. We describe some software applications that are based in well-founded ontological models for capturing geological data and discuss in which way these data formats affect the way in which the data are used to calibrate log profiles and seismic inversion, or fill reservoir models.

Authors: Mara Abel (PPGC - UFRGS), Luan F. Garcia (PPGC - UFRGS), Alexandre Lorenzatti (ENDEEPER & PPGC - UFRGS) & Luiz F. De Ros (PPGEO - UFRGS)