Success Case

Knowledge Management at Petrobras

Petrobras uses the Endeeper's systems package composed by Petroledge, Hardledge and RockViewer for geological knowledge management that focuses on areas of petrography and geochemistry since 2006.


The first Endeeper project for Petrobras achieved the integration of petrographic data into the corporate base of Petrobras. More than 15,000 petrographic descriptions have been migrated to the corporate base along the implementation process of the Endeeper's systems.

The software package composed by Petroledge, Hardledge, RockViewer and Hardledge is continuously expanded to meet the specific requirements of Petrobras corporate software, which includes the integration with proprietary software of Petrobras.

Annually, the specific versions of the software for Petrobras evolve according to the demands of company geologists, engineers and the information technology team. Users can access the systems from any Petrobras laboratory in Brazil. Furthermore, service companies uses Endeeper software to provide petrographic study services that can be loaded directly into the corporate database of Petrobras, without requiring manual data conversion.

Endeeper also delivers training in petrography for continuous improvement of Petrobras' employees.

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